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PC Game - Darklight Conflict. Original PC CD ROM software from Electronic Arts. First released in 1997.

Original release games such as this one, complete and intact in their own case with inlay and instructions, and in good condition are becoming very rare and highly collectible worlwide.

this is a fantastic game and is a great example of the style and inventiveness of it's era.

Buy this now and own your own piece of history. This software has NOT been tested.(SOLD AS SEEN, NO RETURNS). Although this software has been tested on my own Computer setup, that is still no guarantee that it will load on your own setup, as with titles, machines and cassette players of the era, being particularly 'selective' in their loading systems (tone, bass, volume, fast loaders, compatibilities between machine releases and tape degredation). You should accept this listing as 'sold as seen'. With any ageing magnetic / storage media of this type from that era, there may also be no guarantee that, even if this software successfully loads on your own system now, that sometime in the future, degredation through ageing could cause it to fail, and this must be accepted. No returns or refunds on any Retro Software Titles is accepted on final sale.

If you spend GBP 50 (Equivalent USD 63 ,variable exchange rate) or more, in one checkout, then postage will be FREE.

This PC Game pack will have been Pre-Installed on a PC before. Many PC Games come with an activation code or 'KEY'. Most Older games will allow the installation of the game on a new PC re-using this code. It may be more a case that Newer Game Releases may have had the code activated when previously installed, using a streaming or App Store service (such as Microsoft Live and Steam). Please be aware that these certain types of game activations may NOT allow installation without the purchase of a NEW CODE/KEY. This Game Pack is therefore sold 'AS IS', a great item for any collector to add to their collection, in the acceptance that the above information is understood, and no returns will be accepted back, except for sever postal damage, for whcih the buyer will be responsible for any return costs.

Darklight Conflict, PC CD Rom, Released by Electronic arts

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