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Guernsey Donkey Memento Coin - Proud to be - Green Flag Old Sports Flag Edition


This coin is now available and ready to freepost ship anywhere in the world, as a limited edition collectors coin presetation pack. The images shown represent the colour markings on one side of the coin, silver antique nickel finish will be in 3D relief effect for both sides. Coin will be 40mm in diameter and 3mm thickness.


All our coin packs come in our standard presentation pack style. The coin token will be housed in a protective coin slab, with a header insert, which is attached to a protective sleeve which encases the presentation information card. The information card is full colour gloss 250gm thickness, A6 gloss double sided card with interesting facts about the history of why Guernsey people are called Donkeys. This limited edition features the Guernsey Green Flag, sometimes refered to the old true Guernsey flag or sports flag. This design represents the Founding Guernsey Donkey Generation. 

Not everyone is aware of the term 'Guernsey Donkey', and some will feel it derogitory, unless they understand how this term has been used for generations, so snowflakes, please skip to a different page if a Guernsey Donkey offend you!!!!


A great momento to give on Liberation day as a keepsake.


All our stock is shipped WORLDWIDE. why not send a relative or exp pats abroad a coin as a gift? The coin is not legal tender and represents a commemorative coin token as a limited edition value.


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Guernsey Donkey Memento Coin, Proud to be, Green Flag SPECIAL OFFER

20,00£ Prix original
5,00£Prix promotionnel
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