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What about us?

The Big Gift Shop evolved from the bricks and mortar shop of Balloonees, opened in 2004 and based in Commercial Arcade in the Islands of Guernsey, and was the obvious means to be able to provide local products, shipped anywhere in the world, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, when the island was in lockdown mode and the shop was not able to open to the public, with restrictions on movement and social distancing. 

The demand in just four weeks from launch, was astonishing, and proved that by offering a tailored and selective custom made line of local products, not only to the Channel Island market, but catering for the UK, Europe and Farther afield, we could streamline only those products that were easy to ship, and very personal to the buyer. The Shop products would generally not be available through The Big Gift Shop. So Balloonees still exists as an online shop and not a physical shop any longer.

Please refer to the 'Terms and Conditions' for the specific of website use, data protection, and all our other policies.

You can contact us through our address as below. 



c/o The Big Gift Shop

Mark Passmore


Upper St Jacques

St Peter Port




direct message us through our facebook page


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