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Guernsey Green Flag (Guernsey sports flag or Guernsey old flag also known by) Unofficial with Crest hand flag types


the Old Flag of Guernsey as it is sometimes refered to.  Used during events when Guernsey sporting teams represented themselves in Local, National and International events from 1890 through to 1940.

It has never been an officially recognised flag by the States of Guernsey, but many of the elder genration say this is the TRUE Guernsey flag, as it has the Guernsey green colour, which almost all of the local sports teams have in their kits, and the crest adorned by the three Leo-Pards, topped with an offset laurel leaf to signify Guernsey Independance from direct UK rule.

These are various hand flag types, including the rare collectible small table flag stitched version which is often used by vehicle enthusiasts on aerials.


Guernsey Green Flag Unofficial with Crest hand flag SPECIAL OFFER

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