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Guernsey Green Sports Flag, Unofficial with Crest, Guernsey Green Flag, Guernsey sports flag, Old Guernsey flag


some still just call it as THE guernsey flag, as it is sometimes refered to.  Used during events when Guernsey sporting teams represented themselves in Local, National and International events from 1890 through to 1940.


Now available - Huge 5ft x 8ft size (1.6 x 2.4 meter)


Bunting is also available, fabric in 10 meter length with 20 flags of 20x30cm size. Advisable bunting can be used outside in light wind conditions, but extended periods in stronger wind condition may result in bunting fraying.

It has never been an officially recognised flag by the States of Guernsey, but many of the elder genration say this is the TRUE Guernsey flag, as it has the Guernsey green colour, which almost all of the local sports teams have in their kits, and the crest adorned by the three Leo-Pards, topped with an offset laurel leaf to signify Guernsey Independance from direct UK rule.

These flag sizes may be manufactured to order and may take two weeks for delivery

Standard size listed is 3x2 ft (90x60cm) - larger full flag pole sizw 5x3 ft (150x90 cm) also available.

Two weather resistant grommets are on the left hand sleeve of this flag as mounting holes for flag pole rope rigging. Hand flag sizes are now available on a separate listing



Guernsey Green Sports Flag, Guernsey Bunting Unofficial with Crest Guernsey Flag

PrixÀ partir de 12,00£
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