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Union Jack Hand Waving Flag for Liberation VE Day 18x12 inch and smaller pack of hand waving


This the Flag of the Union, the United Kingdom. Often refered to as the Union Jack (which is actually the correct term for the nautical flag design)

The flag is a Polyester lightweight flag, that will flutter in the lightest of breezes, and is attached to a small hand pole. Available as two sizes.

This item is available and very popular in the run up to May VE Day each year, so please order beforehand to ensure you secure one of these.


now available in the non standard 30x20cm hand flag size (12 x 8 inch), which compliments some of our other Guernsey designs. This union design in this size is made from a much thicker knit polyester material, one side being brightly printed, and the other side asppears as a faded image dur to the ink printing process not embedding so deep as would have been wityh a much inferior material.



Union Jack Hand Waving Flag for Liberation VE Day SPECIAL OFFERS

PrixÀ partir de 1,32£
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